Disable Care

Disable Care

People with mental or physical disabilities are dependent on other people for their daily needs and needful activities. Urmi Group provides a positive environment and all the required resources that they are not getting otherwise for Disable Care in Noida to gain their confidence and skills back and encourage them to live as an independent adult.

Urmi group provides a professional team who will be at their service assisting them with:

  • Adapting their environment and try to live independently.
  • Providing transportation whenever required be it medical, communal, or social.
  • Proper personal care including grooming, personal hygiene and regular dressing.
  • Planning and preparing proper diet regime giving all the required nutrition for the body.
  • Collaborating with their speech, physical activities, occupational and physical therapist.
  • Taking record of their medical regime on a daily basis.
  • Enhancement in social activities and companionship.
  • Making them do a bit of their light household tasks.

After all disabled people also deserves the same rights just like the normal once do. Our services will give you a great support in taking care of the specially abled people, hence giving you and the patient a better quality of life.

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