New Born Baby and Mother care

New Born Baby and Mother care

When a baby is born into this world, it marks a very crucial phase for both the mother and her newborn and both need optimum care and support. Childbirth makes a woman vulnerable. If it’s a Caesarean delivery, the mother will have a surgical wound that needs to be dressed & cared for. The phase preceding the delivery is also very important and the would-be mother needs to be taken best care of. Therefore you need to hire a reliable person for providing both of them with the best possible care, so look no more, as Urmi group is providing you the most efficient New Born Baby and Mother care in Noida.

At an advanced stage of pregnancy, a woman tends to suffer from equilibrium issues and finds difficulty climbing steps and even moving. Also, fetal movements & vitals of the would-be mom need to be monitored closely in course of the pregnancy. Once the baby is born, the little one needs to be taken the best care of. It’s very important to keep the baby warm and comfortable and adopt stringent sterilization measures to keep germs & infections away from the baby.

To assist both the mother and baby with all the above needs & more, the Urmi Group has come up with trained and certified nurses & attendants specialized in Mother and Baby Care. Our Mom and Baby care staffs are specially trained in pre-delivery fetal and maternal monitoring, in neonatal care, in calming and soothing colicky babies etc.

What do our care-giving staffs do?

  • They dress the mother’s surgical wound.
  • They help mother with breastfeeding & proper positioning.
  • They assist mother in feeding, cleaning & bathing the baby.
  • They assist mother in changing the baby’s clothes & diapers.
  • They cook nutritious, lactation-supportive meals for the new mother.
  • They undertake sterilization of all the feeding tools and utensils of the baby.
  • They care for the baby overnight so that the mom can get some rest.
  • They help the mom in getting into a routine for baby care & personal care.
  • They help in the development of a proper sleep schedule for the baby.
  • They accompany mom during doctor visit & vaccinations for the baby.

So, if you are a would-be mom or a new mom who is looking for a helping hand for yourself and your newborn, we can help by providing our Mother and Newborn baby care in Noida at surprisingly low prices with all round care. Call us without delay and we’ll send you a reliable, certified and affectionate mother & baby care staff for your exclusive needs.

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